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IGNOU Help Books – MES11 Understanding Education In English Medium

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MES-011 Understanding Education

Topics Covered

Block-1 What is Education
Unit-1 Education as an Operational Aspect of Society
Unit-2 Education – A Purposive and Continuous Process
Unit-3 Differentiating Education from Learning and Schooling
Unit-4 Education as an Institutional Network

Block-2 Education: Its Bases 
Unit-5 Socio-Philosophical Bases
Unit-6 Education: Some Significant Historical Developments
Unit-7 Education Supports Required
Unit-8 Community Participation and Support in Education

Block-3 Education and Socio-Political Supra-System
Unit-9 Educational Goals as Reflective of Socio-Political Ideology of the Society
Unit-10 Political Forces as Necessary Supports and Inevitable Constraints to Education
Unit-11 Educational Operations and Political Decision Making

Block-4 Education: An Overview  
Unit-12  Education: Its Dimensions
Unit-13   Education: Knowledge Generation

Chapter-1 What is Education
Chapter-2 Education: Its Bases
Chapter-3 Education and Socio-Political Supra-System
Chapter-4 Education: An Overview

1. Solution Paper – June 2013
2. Solution Paper – Dec 2013
3. Solution Paper – June 2014
4. Solution Paper – Dec 2014
5. Solution Paper – June 2015
6. Question Paper – Dec 2015
7. Question Paper – June 2016
8. Question Paper – Dec 2016
9. Question Paper – June 2017
10. Solution Paper – Dec 2017
11. Solution Paper – June 2018


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